About Us

Earthly Goods Creations was inaugurated by Brenda Grudek and Gail Molnar in May 2020. Although a fledgling company, we have experience of over 36 delightful years. Initially, we started by preparing salsa for friends and family, and eventually, as demand grew, our business began supplying it on requests.

Brenda and Gail met as recruits in the U.S. Army and have shared a unique bond since then. Renowned as one of the best salsa producers in the region, we use a focused, step by step method to prepare the most delicious salsa you will ever taste. EGC’s special Pipe Creek Salsa is currently being produced in a commercial facility called “Alamo Kitchen.” This ensures that it is made safely, using a recipe we crafted over a period of seven years.

Along with salsa, we plan to introduce other earth-friendly products, including wind chimes, honey from our own aviary, candles, soaps, macramé, sewing propagating plants, and educating others about the care and protection of nature, and much more.


Our mission & values:

Our goal is to develop Earthly Goods Creations into more than a company that sells incredible earth-friendly, low impact products that aids animals in need. We believe in the concept of “paying it forward,” As we gain confidence in reaching out, we strongly desire to assist others in the same gentle way that we continue to be administered.

We have been committed to caring for all creatures and intend to donate portions of our proceeds to animals in need. Our salsa sales are already intended to raise money for donations for animals. As we grow, we aim to be able to assist veterans with the education of service dogs.

At Earthly Goods Creations, we honor love and compassion. We are exceptionally inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, who quotes in his prayer;

“Make me an instrument of your peace… where there is hatred, let me sow love…where there is injury, pardon”.